Celebrate Greek Pride with Exquisite Glassware from Greek Drinking Glasses!

Greek Drinking Glasses was established with the aim of offering premium glassware that enables you to express your organizational pride. Whether you’re part of a fraternity, sorority, or any other group, our glassware lets you celebrate your affiliation in style.

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stunning collection

Greek Drinking Glasses offers a stunning collection of glassware that allows you to proudly display your organizational affiliation.

exquisite designs

From personalized shot glasses to elegant wine glass charms, our exquisite designs celebrate Greek pride.

unique pieces

Explore our unique pieces on Greek Drinking Glasses and raise a toast to tradition!

Choose Your greek drinking glasses

Our collection includes a variety of exquisite glassware, perfect for various occasions. Here are some of our popular options:

Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes

  • Dimensions: 8″H X 2″W
  • Luxury Style Glasses with Vintage Gold Pattern
  • Premium Quality Glass
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Gold Rimmed Shot Glass Set Greek Key Pattern

  • 6 x 12 Oz. Italian Crystal Water or Wine Goblets – Dishwasher Safe
  • Famous Gold Greek Key Pattern Meander
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Elegant Wine Goblet – Stem Glasses

  • Dimensions: 7″H X 3″W; Volume: 7 Oz
  • Luxury Style Glasses with Vintage Gold Pattern
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Discover the Rich Cultural Heritage of Greek Drinking Glasses

Drinking Glasses – Greek Sigma Letters

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Beverage Lowball Tumblers with Golden Greek Key Trim

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Beverage Highball Tumblers with Golden Greek Key Trim

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Raise a Glass: The Best Drinking Glasses for Every Occasion

When it comes to choosing the perfect drinking glasses, this curated collection offers options for every situation. From elegant Greek Drinking Glasses, you’ll find the perfect vessel to raise during celebration or quiet contemplation. To your health!

Private Party

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a lively soirée, hosting a private party calls for the perfect ambiance.

Wedding Recepction

Laughter fills the air as newlyweds take their first dance, surrounded by family and friends.

Corporate Event

Amidst the sleek decor and tailored suits, conversations flow like fine wine, each sip a step toward innovation.

Birthday Party

Amidst colorful streamers and twinkling fairy lights, a birthday party unfolds—a celebration of life, laughter.

Our clients thought

The resounding feedback from our clients reverberates with praise for the exceptional quality and performance of Greek Drinking Glasses.

They don’t come wrapped very well but thank God they didn’t come broken. They are really Beautiful and the gold is stunning!!

Janet Baker


I have wanted these glasses for a long time but delayed my purchase because of their cost. I finally bought them and they exceed my expectations. Their quality is very high, and I may even buy a second set.

Michael Jones


It’s small for a wine decanter but it’s gorgeous so I use it as a mouth wash decanter instead. Looks classy.

Roger Reyes


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